ImpulsoBeta aims to boost women's careers and innovate businesses through gender diversity.

ImpulsoBeta is the first full-service company with this ambitious mission in Brazil. Its business uniqueness comes from adopting an integrated approach that understands the specific gaps of each company, builds a specific business case on the gender diversity agenda, offers training to women, men, leaders and designs news practices to ensure change is sustainable in the medium-term.

How do we support your company in the gender diversity strategy?

Workshops and Trainning

Workshops and talks aimed at all kinds of public to raise awareness and co-create solutions; Virtual Reality tools designed to raise awareness and eliminate unconscious bias in the workplace


We use our exclusive diagnostics tool based on our gender approach and expertise, aligned with the UN Women´s Gender Gap Tool, used to identify and target the clients' gender diversity gaps


Female Leadership Program, Transformative leadership program for men, validated by the #HeForShe movement in Brazil and Inclusive leadership program, designed for men and women, aimed at promoting discussions enriched by both male and female perspectives on the subject of gender.

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