Human Resources

What can the HR do?

The human resources area is fundamental for a diverse, equal and inclusive company. After all, it is the guardian of all processes connected to the greatest asset of a company - people.

Here at ImpulsoBeta, we designed learning experiences focused on this area, which, from the attraction to performance management, has a huge potential to be an active ally in creating a work environment which respects and values our differences. We are talking about:

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion development journey
  • Unconscious bias workshops (and other thematic too!)
  • Human Resources Unconscious bias knowledge pills

Come see what we can build together:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Development Program

What it is: A learning path for Human Resources areas that seek a complete development to be able to review processes and practices of people management disseminated in the company. It can be offered in a customized way to multifunctional human resources groups, recruiting teams, business partners teams or any subsystem that has specific challenges. 

How it works: The program is composed by a journey of 3-hour long workshops, that are facilitated by ImpulsoBeta network of experts and moderated by our team. The number of meetings may vary according to the number of themes that your company wishes to approach, but the duration is always the same in order to fit in your schedule! All the meeting are full of practical activities and concepts linked to the daily corporate challenges.

Unconscious bias workshops

What it is: We know that unconscious biases are a huge challenge in Human Resources. Without noticing, the processes that we trust may be reproducing beliefs that go against the DEI's targets. That's why we developed this meeting that can be applied to teams from different HR subsystems (recruiters, BPs, in performance...)

How it works: A 3-hour long meeting facilitated by our network of experts, with the moderation made by our team. We go beyond the concepts: our workshops involve a lot of group learning and they are aligned to your company's real challenges. We work with sending prework and curated content newsletter for further study.

Unconscious bias knowledge pills for Human Resources

What they are: Content to foster your Human Resources team's knowledge about unconscious biases and how they are present in the area's processes. We go through the most important steps of the people management cycle - attraction and selection, engagement, development, evaluation and promotion -, and we will bring good practices on how to avoid unconscious biases actions in each one of them.

How it works: One video, five podcasts and one eBook - prime quality content which is delivered promptly to you, in formats which can be published on whichever tool your team is used to. Or you can perform a study group on unconscious biases, and use the material that we created for you as base. Or you can even send the content in newsletters. The content is ready and it is in your hands, to use it as you wish.

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