A gender intelligence company

ImpulsoBeta develops and implements corporate gender diversity strategies to level the playing field for men and women in the workplace. Our full-service approach assists companies in the different stages of their gender diversity journey.

We organize this journey of companies in 5 different steps:

We offer services in all of these moments. Our services are fully based on the latest research and data on how to work with gender related issues, and count on a solid knowledge of functional tools (groups dynamics, research, consultancy) to be delivered. Our portfolio includes a broad range of services, such as:

  • Workshops and talks aimed at all kinds of public to raise awareness and co-create solutions;
  • Virtual Reality tools designed to raise awareness and empathy to women's challenges in the workplace;
  • Proprietary diagnostics tool based on our gender approach and expertise, aligned with the United Nations Gender Gap Tool, used to identify the clients' gender diversity gaps, as a tool for providing them with the best and most customized solutions close them
  • Female leadership program aimed at raising awareness of gender-based biases in women's careers and developing leadership skills;
  • Transformative leadership program for men, validated by the #HeForShe movement in Brazil, aimed at addressing men's problems caused by gender inequality, developing inclusive leadership skills and eliminating gender-based biases in the workplace;
  • Inclusive leadership program, designed for men and women, aimed at promoting discussions enriched by both male and female perspectives on the subject of gender; and
  • Elimination of gender-based biases from HR processes such as attraction, retention and promotion.