Strategic Actions 

How to build your strategy?

Your company has the potential to be more diverse, equitable and inclusive. In order to set the basics to begin, there are some strategic actions that can be used to understand your scenario and to draw an action plan that makes sense to your business and to your corporate culture.

With our strategic actions, we help our clients to understand where they are when we talk about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and to make plans aiming a more inclusive environment or culture. We are talking about:

  • Census and Diversity check-up
  • Focus Groups

  • Strategic mentoring 

Take a look at what it could be the next steps of your company:

Census and DEI's Check-up

What they are: Two tools in one: through the Census, we take a picture of the demographic diversity of the company, and through the Check-up, we capture the work experience in your company from the DEI's perspective. This way, you have a starting point to stablish representativeness indicators of different social groups and you can build a real perception of factors that impact the work experience: meritocracy, unconscious biases, harassment and micro-aggressions, professional ambitions and belonging feeling and appreciation of people.

How it works: We start with ImpulsoBeta standard online questionnaire; we make a few language and content adjustments based on talks with your company. The Census' result is a panel of demographic representativeness indicators and the Check-up's result is an analytical report on your company's work experience. From this, our team of experts draws insights prioritizing gaps and opportunities for DEI to be worked on.

Focus Groups

What they are: Guided meetings with small groups that are part of your company. Together, we will understand people's views on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion's practical reality and efforts in your company.

How it works: We have prepared a script composed by powerful questions, therefore generating reports full of insights. And by the way, the experts from our ImpulsoBeta network will be the ones guiding these meetings. 😊

Strategic Mentoring

What they are: Our tool to support your company and to draw a strategic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion planning. They are meetings in which we seek to level the knowledge of sponsoring people on the relevant themes: DEI's concepts, challenges of the different minoritized groups, strategic possibilities of corporate transformation, governance building, setting up affinity groups and good business practices (for people's management and communication, for example). Thus, the people involved in those efforts will be ready to lead your company strategically, from making decisions about the plan to be executed to acting like the spokesperson for these initiates.

How it works: 2:30 to 3 hours long meetings conducted by ImpulsoBeta specialists' team, with the frequency adjusted to the company's needs or desire. The format of the meetings includes both structured content and free space for consultative support from ImpulsoBeta on topics related to strategy. 

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