Minoritizes Groups

What can be done for minoritized groups?

There are a lot of talks on how to ensure representativeness of different minoritized groups (women, black people, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+, elder people, religions and other distinct identities) in the companies. But what about when those people are hired, how to ensure their development and engagement in your company? How to prepare and give them conditions to reach leadership positions?

Our actions and programs for minority groups were designed to be offered to an entire group of a certain functional level, area or identity (for example: all the women of technology or black people analysts) or as talent development programs aimed at a specific group identified as having high potential. 

  • Women's Leadership Program

  • Mentoring Program for Minoritized Groups

  • Workshops/Lectures/Chat Groups for Minoritized Groups

Come and check a bit more about these opportunities: 

Women's Leadership Program

What it is: A continuous development program focused on collaborators at any level - from analysts to senior managers. We aim to level the knowledge about skills to be developed over the course of their careers, to offer space to new conducts practices, promote sorority between the participants. And, why not...to expand your professional ambition by inspiring stories?

How it works: With your company, we set the subjects to be approached along the training journey, that could have between five to ten modules. The classes will be divided by hierarchical level, and each meeting, that will last between 2 to 3 hours, counts with prime quality content, practical and with inspirational doses and change provocation. In addition to the skills modules, we can have "Impact chats" with many inspiring women. We apply an impact research to measure the results. You can still count with assessments, complementary content packs, peer coach and eBook.

Mentoring Program for Minoritized Groups

What it is: A knowledge development program, soft skills and business view in which one person in a leadership position mentors other less experienced person. As a bonus, the mentee even gets good exposition in the company and organizational understanding.

How it works: ImpulsoBeta can act in the mentors and mentees training or in the full management of the program. In this case, we make a participant's selection, doubles matching, engagement and communication management, mentors and mentees prep and impact evaluation.

Workshops/ Lectures/ Chat Groups for Minoritized Groups

What it is: We bring different career development themes to be applied in the workshop, lectures and chat groups formats, with the appropriate clippings for the minoritized group with whom we will work. Some of our themes: Self-knowledge, Personal brand, Assertive Communication, Impostor syndrome, Networking. Our goal is to take practical content and focused on the development of people who are part of minoritized groups in your company.

How it works: In a direct conversation with your company, we choose the theme (or themes), the desired format and we talk about the language customization and cases for your team's reality.

And just a tip: new products for other minoritized groups are coming! Ifyou want to get ahead of it and talk to us, you are more than welcome (: 

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