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Unconscious biases are labels that we give to people and things based on a series of events in our lives. We all have biases and that alone is not a problem, it's a brain mechanism. The problem is when we use this automatic association process for people. In this E-book, we talk about the unconscious biases' impact on businesses and how to avoid them in people management.

Internalizing our value is not always an easy task. However, circumventing the Impostor Syndrome is crucial to build a healthier and more profitable career path. In this E-book, we will go deep into the origins of the Impostor Syndrome and understand why it is so important to acknowledge - and communicate - our value.

The Coronavirus pandemic transformed certainties in doubts and it has impacted people and companies. In this guide, we will explain to you what is the Growing Mentality and why it is so important for unstable moments. At the end, we will share with you a test in order to verify your Growing Mentality level.

Gender intelligence is the capability to recognize that professionals land in the job market with different backgrounds, influenced by experiences and expectations that they had throughout their lives (mostly) by the fact of being men or women. In this E-book, we will help to manage collaborators considering this factor and implementing inclusive policies.

Are you having trouble justifying the need to invest in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? In this manual, we gathered arguments and studies that justify the insertion of this value as a business strategy for organizations that seek innovation.

In May, 2019, ImpulsoBeta conducted a survey to understand how maternity can affect women's corporate career. The survey's results, as well as good practices that ImpulsoBeta suggests to deal with this relationship, are in this eBook. 

Celebrating the 2019 International Women's Day, ImpulsoBeta launched a Good Practices Manual to apply the gender equity journey in the companies. In this E-book, we will share with you a step-by-step on how to create a more equitable environment.

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*Content in portuguese