What can the leaders do?

Leaderships have many challenges related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). We can talk about the unconscious biases that take part in people's management and in practices for a more inclusive leadership, subjects that deeply affect middle and initial management acting. As well as highlighting the relevance of senior leadership engagement to make the DEI strategy take off (this is the first item of any cultural transformation manual). To engage your company's leadership in DEI guidelines and concepts, there's always a way to start. Here a few options:

  • Strategic mentoring for higher leadership
  • Inclusive leadership journey
  • Unconscious bias workshop on people management
  • Dialogues about the subjects of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Knowledge pills about unconscious bias for leaders

Strategic mentoring

What they are: Meetings in which we seek to level the knowledge of top leadership executives on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. As usual, actions customized for the business context of each company and the journey's moment of the DEI's promotion. The main goal is to prepare the C-level and others members of senior leadership to act as strategic sponsors - internally and externally.

How it works: 2:00 to 2:30 hours long meetings conducted by the most senior specialists in our network and by Renata Moraes, CEO and founder of ImpulsoBeta. The meetings' format contemplates both the structured content, and the free space for ImpulsoBeta's consultive support on subjects related to strategy.

Dialogues about unconscious biases (and others DEI subjects)

What they are: This ImpulsoBeta experience focused on your company's higher leadership has the goal to put the whole group in the same page when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). We present the most current concepts, bring data about the impact of DEI's initiatives for companies, market benchmarks and reflexions on what could be implemented in your company.

How It works: 3-hour long meetings about unconscious biases and other Diversity, Equity and Inclusion current subjects. The guideline is decided directly with you, we design the meeting based on this dialogue. Our most experienced specialists' network takes care of guiding the conversation, which is based on prime quality content, real situations and close to company's moment.

Unconscious biases online courses

What it is: We know that the unconscious biases are an obstacle in the promotion of a more inclusive work environment. This impacts directly the living between the teams and affects the careers. That's why, we designed an asynchronous formation to everyone in your company, regardless of hierarchical level. Two of our suggestion are to use this content in on boarding spaces and knowledge levelling of the current team. 

How it works: There are ten content modules. Each module has one ten-minutes video, a learning support quiz with personal exercises and reflections, and an additional content curation for self-directed study. Every content is also available in sign language, audio description and Portuguese subtitles. The company now has lifelong access to the content and can use it as it wishes with its internal audience.

Inclusive Leadership Journey

What they are: A complete formation for your leadership to be prepared to guide your company and their led to more inclusive culture and environment. In different meetings that will be customized according to your company's language, ImpulsoBeta's team of experts discusses about essential knowledges and skills to an inclusive leadership style: unconscious biases, empathy, minoritized groups challenges, leadership models and organizational transformation. Among the synchronous capabilities, we send the content pills and challenges for your leadership to engage and practice the change. In the end of the journey, all participants receive a closing eBook.

How it works: Starting from a conversation with your company, we set the desired modules and we customize the experience according to its challenges and expectations. Thinking of both 2:00 to 2:30 hours long meetings and the other learning actions that contemplate the journey. In addition to all synchronous content, we have additional contents already prepared: assessment, impact research, content pills and small practical challenges.

Unconscious bias workshop on people management

What it is: A meeting focused on transmitting, in a practical way, what unconscious biases are, how they influence the decisions that the leadership needs to make, and good practices on how to avoid them. We suggest this to your company's leadership that like to take a time for learning.

How it works: The workshop takes place for 3 hours, facilitated by ImpulsoBeta's network of experts, with a content based on the most regular challenges of DEI that leadership might find in its routine, always bringing current concepts and very practical learnings.

Knowledge pills about unconscious biases for leaders

What they are: Suggested to middle leadership, the knowledge pills talk about the most common challenges linked to the presence of unconscious biases in team management. We go through the most important steps of the teams - selection, development, routine, evaluation and promotion -, and we bring good practices on how to avoid the action of unconscious biases in each one of them.

How it works: One video, five podcasts and one eBook - prime quality content which is delivered promptly to you, in formats which can be published on whichever tool your team is used to. Or you can perform a study group on unconscious biases, and use the material that we created for you as base. Or you can even send the content in newsletters. The content is ready and it is in your hands, to use it as you wish.

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