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Every beginning of cultural transformation involves putting people in the same boat. To guarantee knowledge, generate the interest in change, and to indicate the new desired attitudes. At ImpulsoBeta we believe that this communication should not only happen in the release of the "Diversity Program", "Diversity Week", "International Women's Day" or "Black Conscious Day". It's important to often discuss issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and in different formats to send the signals that the theme is important for the business and it's something that is here to stay. Here are some ways to begin this dialogue:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshops / Lectures / Group Chats

  • Impact conversations with people who live diversity in its essence

  • Unconscious bias online courses
  • A path for allies

Get to know those experiences:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshops / Lectures / Group Chats. 

What it is: The first step to engage your team in themes such as: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can happen through a lecture. The session take place for 2 hours, with specified themes - Equity, Intelligence and Gender Diversity, ESG and its business impact, Manhood, Biases and stereotypes.

How it works: The most suitable theme and format are determined by your company, and we guarantee quality through current and in-depth content. Our network of experts has diverse specialists that can generate more connection with each theme and audience. We really value interactivity, that might occur by sending content pills, polls and opening for questions.

Impact conversations

What they are: Lectures with people who had amazing life stories marked by their personal conquers and individual struggles. To inspire you and all of your team to create transformation.

How It works: 1 to 1:30 hours long in which the guest speaker briefly lectures about his or her career path and everyone present is able to dialogue through a Q&A. 

Unconscious biases online courses

What it is: We know that the unconscious biases are an obstacle in the promotion of a more inclusive work environment. This impacts directly the living between the teams and affects the careers. That's why, we designed an asynchronous formation to everyone in your company, regardless of hierarchical level. Two of our suggestion are to use this content in on boarding spaces and knowledge levelling of the current team. 

How it works: There are ten content modules. Each module has one ten-minutes video, a learning support quiz with personal exercises and reflections, and an additional content curation for self-directed study. Every content is also available in sign language, audio description and Portuguese subtitles. The company now has lifelong access to the content and can use it as it wishes with its internal audience.

A path for allies

What they are: Asynchronous content designed to whomever wishes to be an ally and to be a protagonist in the construction of a more inclusive company. We start by introducing a module of unconscious biases, and after we have the three paths connected to anti-sexism, anti-racism and anti-LGBTphobia. We strongly suggest the use of this paths by Affinity Groups: a solution to put everyone in the same boat in the understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the company's performance with that group.

How it works: The introduction module has a fifteen-minutes video and its own eBook. Each one of the three subsequent paths have five videos, and five learning support quizzes and an eBook. All together the content forms a history, important terminologies, good practices and institutional strategies that allows every individual to engage in its own work environment. Every content is also available in sign language, audio description and Portuguese subtitles. The company now has lifelong access to the content and can use it as it wishes with its internal audience.

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